Glock 26C Gen3 pistol replica – WE – TAN


E26C Gen3 pistol replica- TAN

The Glock 26C Gen3 pistol replica- WE – TAN is one of the versions of the most popular Austrian pistol in the world. Thanks to the comfortable pistol grip which is equipped with an anti-skid surface the replica lies perfectly in the hand, while as the specially profiled trigger guard guarantees a secure grip during the operation of the pistol. Just like in the original firearm, the iron aiming sights are well visible and marked in a way allowing to provide fire even in low light conditions. In contrary to most of the models that are available on the market, this one is equipped with a safety lever located in the trigger.

The Glock 26C Gen3 pistol replica- WE – TAN is made by the WE company and is made of durable plastic and metal. thanks to the application of the metal slide and metal slide guides the replica gained on durability and realism of operation. The pistol is equipped with an extraordinary BLOW-BACK system which increases the realism of the shots and allows to reload the replica just like the original weapon.

The “C” version allows to operate in both, semi and full-automatic firing modes.

The set includes:
  • the replica,
  • a magazine,

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