Replica of the new series of AK assault rifles. These rifles are produced in many specifications that include civil or military. Receiver, receiver cover, external barrel, safety lever, rear sight base, trigger, gas port block, gas cylinder, bolt carrier, front sight base and muzzle brake are made of steel and aluminum, that made the replica is more realistic. Each model has on the receiver a laser marking with a unique serial number.

· 16″ external aluminum barrel, with an internal barrel 6,08mm diameter
· 11.5″ polymer M-LOK handguard
· steel receiver
· steel receiver cover with Picatinny rail
· polymer pistol grip
· fixed polymer stock
· polymer magazine 500 rounds
· dummy muzzle brake with a 14mm thread CCW (Possibility to mount a dummy silencer)

Great performance achieved thanks to new changed internal part. The important thing is all part are reinforced:
· reinforced gearbox shell with steel bearings 7 mm
· reinforced spring guide with bearings
· reinforced steel gears
· reinforced piston with an aluminum sleeve inside resulting in increased strength of the shot (greater compression of spring)
· increased engine torque
· reinforced tappet plate
· reinforced nylon piston and cylinder head
· cylinder type 0

The most important thing, is that all accessories from other brand are compatible with this model, this influence on the longevity of your replica and on upgrade part and performance.

Set included:
· AK replica
· 500rd magazine
· 9,6V 1200 mAh battery
· battery charger

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