Comtac I Headset


The Comtac I  headset is equipped with two microphones ( one per each earpiece ) which intercept the noises from the outside and reinforce them. The user can adjust the loudness to his individual needs. You can balance the level of the two sounds by adjusting the radio and volume loudness level thanks to which you can hear both the radio traffic and the surrounding without a problem. The set can be adjusted to increase the volume of the surroundings in order to increase the hearing perception or you can mute them if the surrounding sounds block the radio communications or make it hard to concentrate.

Moreover, all of the harmful noises are suppressed to a level that is safe for the ear. The Comtac I  headset’s settings go back to normal when the harmful noise ends. The set is equipped with an adjustable hoop that is covered with leather imitation which will allow to adjust the headset to the head of every user. The microphone is mounted on an elastic arm. The headset is powered by two AA batteries. In order to make the set complete you need to connect it to a radio and a PTT button.

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