G&G TR GC1-46 EBB carbine


G&G GC1-46 carbine replica

A carbine replica made from metal (including aluminium and steel) and polymer reinforced with fibreglass. The whole is perfectly fitted. The body, outer barrel, stock pipe, iron sights and most small elements are made of metal. The stock, pistol grip and front handguard, flash hider and front RIS rails are made from polymer.

The replica features telescopic SF type stock which can be adjusted to meet shooter”s preferences. The set includes metal HK style iron sights. The pistol grip is profiled to be comfortable to hold. The flash hider is attached to a 14mm CCW thread.

GC1-46 features 22mm RIS rail on top of the receiver and front hand guard and additional 3 rails for installation in any configuration. This complete conversion allows installation of various additional accessories, including aiming devices, tactical foregrips and flashlights, laser pointers etc. On both sides of the front hand guard, there are QD type tactical sling attachment points.

The replica features 8mm bearings based V.2 gearbox, equipped with the brass cylinder head and aluminium piston head. It is a reinforced High Muzzle Velocity version of the standard gearbox. Thanks to that and 275mm long inner barrel the replica is a perfect choice for medium range engagements. Inside there is an air-tight pneumatic system with the high-quality hop-up chamber with bucking. The whole system is powered by 18000rpm High-torque motor. GC1-46 has Electric blowback system (EBB) what gives replica more realism.

The replica is sold with steel hi-cap type magazine with the capacity of 450 bb”s.

The set does not include accumulator nor a charger.

The set includes:



-3x side RIS rail

-cleaning rod

-user manual

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