G&G GC16 Assault Rifle Replica MPW 12 – FULL METAL


G&G GC16 Assault Rifle Replica MPW 12″

A GC16 MPW 12″ assault rifle replica by G&G made as a part of the Intermediate series whose aim is to deliver high quality replicas at a price that may be considered economic. Intermediate series replicas are characteristic for their highest, distinctive of G&G products, craftsmanship, reliability and high quality of materials used.

The replica features an SF stock with a rubber stock pad. The battery is stored inside the stock. The stock is adjustable, which allows for customization of the replicas length to the body type and preferences of the user. The set includes a kit of flip-up iron sights. Due to their foldable nature they will not conflict with a possible optical sights.

GC16 MPW 12” assault rifle replica features a top RIS rail and a set of three rail on the hand guard. This complete conversion allows to mount a wide array of additional attachments on the replica, starting with optical sights, through grips and tactical lighting and ending up with laser sights.

The replica comes with a polymer Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to around 300 BBs.

The replica also features a gearbox V2 based on 8 mm bearings, which gives great performance straight out of the box. This and compact size make this replica ideal for short- and middle-ranged activities. Inside is a sealed pneumatic system, equipped with high quality chamber and HU bucking.

The replica includes a MOSFET circuit and E.T.U. trigger system that allow to program fire modes. It is possible to reprogram the full automatic mode to burst or the other way around. This is done by holding the trigger in semi-auto mode for 10 seconds (with battery detached).

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– cleaning rod

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