JG Blue High Torque Motor – Magnum Motor


The JG M-41 Super High-Power Motor is a very strong and durable motor. Its price is lower that other motors which have the same torque. With its technical parameters, it exceeds all other stock motors which are mounted in the ASG replicas what improves the efficiency. The JG M-41 handles a M120 main spring without a problem, it does not overheat, it is compatible with most of the V2 gearboxes. If you’re looking for a good motor which’s quality of make equals the more expensive motors and on which you don’t want to spend a great amount of money this is definitely the best choice.
  • advanced design, perfect quality,
  • ready to use after taking out of the package (a professional mount is recommended),
  • to be used only with a metal gearbox (you need to be sure that the gearbox will withstand the operation of the high torque motor).

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