Lonex Ultimate Upgrade CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head – Version 2 (M4 / M16 / SCAR / MP5)


The Ultimate’s Cylinder head is designed to provide the best possibility air compression and durability. For best result, pair the Ultimate Cylinder head with the Ultimate Cylinder!
The Ultimate Cylinder heads are CNC manufactured with aircraft grade machine aluminium for maximum durability and precision. Each Ultimate Cylinder head is also anodised for smooth surface finish, equipped with double rubber o-ring, “Trumpet design” and powerful rubber bumper to absorb the shock from the piston head while providing silent operations.


  • CNC manufactured for maximum precision and durability.
  • Double rubber o-ring seals to minimise loss of compressions.
  • Special “Trumpet design” ensures optimal delivery of air to the barrel and bb.
  • Powerful built-in rubber bumper that absorbs the shock from he piston head.
  • Made from CNC milled aluminium
  • Rubber pad on back side
  • Anodized finish

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