Rockets Platinum Series 0,28g BBs


Rockets Platinum Series 0,28g BBs


The highest quality airsoft BB pellets were the idea of creating the Rockets Platinum Series BB pellets. The new Rockets Platinum Series  BB pellets series was specially designed to be used with precision barrels.


Thanks to the special production and postproduction process, the BB pellets characterise themselves with great concentration, range and repeatability of the placed shots. The fully controlled production process guarantees the BB pellet”s perfect roundness without any stitches or immersions. The lack of air compartments inside the BB pellets ad the well-placed centre of gravity influence very well the repeatability of shots. Their perfectly smooth and double polished surface, the perfect roundness and low tolerance of the dimensions optimise the cooperation with the hop-up systems.


The commonly known fact it that the improper dimensioning and too big tolerance for the dimension variety influence negatively the precision and the repeatability of shots. This is why the Rockets Platinum Series BB pellets are made in Taiwan as a part of a highly advanced technological process which guarantees the perfect dimension of the BB pellet on the level of 5,96mm with the tolerance of only +/- 0,01mm.


The Rockets Platinum Series BB pellets allow to gain the possibly highest precision and distance of the placed shots and, at the same time, drastically decrease the possibility of a jam. This makes that the Rockets Platinum Series BB pellets are especially recommended for snipers and sharpshooters – especially to those who use the replicas equipped with precision barrels and which has got a high muzzle velocity.

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