Specna Arms SA – B12 KeyMod 8” Carbine – Half Tan ( Full metal )


SA-B12 KeyMod 8” Carbine Replica

SA-B12 by Specna Arms was mostly made from an alloy of zinc and aluminium with several steel elements placed in the most troublesome spots of the replica (pins, screws and tactical sling swivels). The SF type stock, which stores a battery, as well as the pistol grip, were made from polymer. The body of the replica has undergone a process of anodising, which guarantees a high level of protection against corrosion. The paint job was conducted by powder coating after the surface has been sandblasted beforehand. Such a way of applying the paint provides a higher than usual paint resistance against abrasion. The body bears USMC markings.

All parts of the replica fit very well together – a standard so high that so far it could only be observed solely in replicas from such well-known brands as G&P or Classic Army – and it is exceptionally well balanced. All that makes this replica highly manoeuvrable and its weight is practically imperceptible when put against the shoulder.

Features a fast spring release system, so-called Enter & Convert. It allows for rapid and seamless adjustment of spring’s strength to expected conditions on the simulated battlefield without a workshop nearby or access to special tools – once the gearbox has been removed from the body, the process of changing the spring takes mere seconds.

Advantages of Enter & Convert cannot be overestimated. In the light of currently reigning policy in Europe to adhere to the law enforced restrictions on the muzzle velocity of the replica and regulations concerning the environment itself, this system guarantees the user wide possibilities and a lot of freedom. Enter & Cover system allows with a minimal amount of time to exchange the main spring, as a result, to adjust muzzle velocity of the replica to the battlefield area so that the best compromise between fire efficiency and safety of the user as well as other players are struck.

A gearbox with reinforced piston head holds a steel spring slide, which is a part of Enter & Cover system and 8mm ball bearings mounted steel gears. The system is safeguarded by four anti-reversal latches. A lightweight, polycarbonate piston was equipped with steel tooth in order to increase its durability. Other implemented parts include a type 2 cylinder, steel circuit breaker and metal hop-up chamber.

The replica has a top, 22mm, RIS rail and an adjustable stock. The top RIS rail features flip-up iron sights, which can be easily detached and replaced with any optical sight. A collapsible stock with an anti-slip texture stock pad allows the user to adjust the length of the replica to his/her body type and preferences. A standard flash hider is mounted on a 14mm, left-hand thread, which allows for its replacement with a silencer.

This model features a 8”, modular, KeyMod handguard. The KeyMod module can be expanded upon with dedicated segments, for instance, RIS rails (KeyMod nuts) in any position or configuration due to holes around the handguard (KeyMod slots).

It is an airsoft replica of a KeyMod handguard, its size may vary from the original. We do not guarantee full compatibility of KeyMod handguard with dedicated KeyMod accessories.

In order to increase the realism, the replica has an operational bolt release mechanism.

The replica comes with a steel, hi-cap magazine with a capacity of up to 300 BBs. The magazine’s paint colour corresponds to the colour theme of the magazine for live firearms usually used by the military.

Specna Arms replicas are compatible with most of the magazines available in the market, for instance with magazines of the following manufacturers:

– Airsoft Systems
– King Arms

The set includes:

– A replica
– A magazine
– Iron sights
– Additional main spring
– A battery
– A charger
– A set of KeyMod RIS rails

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