Silencer with Integrated Flash Hider – MP135


Silencer with Integrated Flash Hider – MP135

Specna Arms is a brand that has already managed to mark its name in the minds of airsoft enthusiasts as a combination of quality encountered only in high-quality replicas with a very reasonable price. Thanks to many years of experience and active participation in the evolution of airsoft combat measures, SA offers products tested in extreme conditions.  The result of continuous improvements of their products in cooperation with players is an ever increasing offer of both replicas and equipment as well as parts for tuning.

The external silencer was made from metal. In order to increase the durability as well as aesthetics, the silencer was covered with black paint using powder-coating. Thanks to the implementation of a two-piece casing along with a perforated external part it was possible to achieve a uniquely realistic, deep effect that at the same time raises the level of realism. Inside is a flash hider attachable in a QD system with a 14 mm left-handed thread.

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