Specna Arms precision BBs 0.28g


Specna Arms 0,28g BBs – 1kg

New on the market: high quality, precise BBs manufactured by Specna Arms in Taiwan, known for its quality and innovativeness when it comes to manufacturing of replicas – broadens its offer with a series of professional ammunition for our airsoft replicas. Thanks to a special manufacturing process, BBs are characteristic for their very tight cone of fire.

Each BB package by Specna Arms after final processing is accurate, high gloss polished and, additionally, in order to provide reliable operation with precision barrels, the BBs are covered with a special layer that reduces friction. This also results in better operation with Hop-Up buckings.

A fully-controlled manufacturing process guarantees ideal BB rotundness without visible seams or cavities. Lack of air pockets inside the BB and good weight balance allow for a very high rate of fire.

The diameter of a BB is 5,95mm (+/- 0,005mm) and a difference in weight among BBs do not exceed 0,01g. All that makes Specna Arms BBs appropriate for standard barrels, while they reach their full potential in precision barrels.

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