WE Glock 17 Force Custom silver


A G17 Custom replica from WE’s workshop based on the most popular design by an Austrian manufacturer. The replica was made with the utmost care for details. Metal parts include: the slide, the magazine and barrel. The skeleton and the magazine pad, however, were made from polymer. The quality of finish and how perfectly and tightly all parts fit together can be notice and felt the moment the user takes the replica in his hand. Materials used in the construction make its weight resemble that of the live, original firearm.

22mm RIS mounting rail is located under the barrel, which allows for attachment of various additional accessories like tactical flashlight or laser sight. The replica features a trigger safety, just like the original, live firearm.

The appearance and the precision of finish make the G17 Custom a replica difficult to ignore. The classic G17 seems a poor relative in comparison.

What makes a „Force Series Custom” replica?

  •  An effective, modified slide made from aluminum with serration that improves grip and reduces weight
  • A set of tru-glo iron sights
  • A skeleton with rough, anti-slip texture, based on “stippling” technique
  • modified trigger with red safety
  • metal magwell that speeds up magazine change
  • An engraved manufacturer and “Force Series” markings on the skeleton and trigger

strong blow-back system allowed the creators to more closely resemble the experience of firing the replica to that of firing a live, original firearm. The system sets the slide in motion and pulls it back after each shot. When the last BB leaves the magazine, the slide remains in the pulled back position. This gives the replica an effect of a “kick” and significantly boosts the experience from firing it.

The replica comes with a metal magazine, which apart from storing a green gas container has a capacity of up to 25 BBs.

The set includes:

  • A replica
  • A magazine
  • A manual

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