WE M92 pistol replica (CO2)


The M92 CO2 pistol replica is mostly made of metal. Only the pistol grip cover panels are made of plastic. The pistol grip is widened and rubber coated what ensures a secure grip even if the shooter has got wet hands.

The pistol is equipped with the blow-back system which adds realism to the shooting. The slide remains in the backwards position after shooting the last round just like in the real firearm. In order to facilitate the aiming process the front iron aiming sight is marked with a white contrasting aiming dot.

The replica is equipped with an adjustable Hop-Up system. In order to gain access to the hop-up you need to remove the slide. The magazine is made of metal. The magazine holds 26 BB pellets.

In order to place the Co2 capsule in the magazine you need to remove the magazine plate and then unscrew the cap with the use of the hex key.

The set includes:

  • the replica,
  • a magazine,

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