BOLLÉ COBRA glasses – clear


BOLLÉ COBRA glasses – clear

The eye protection meets the requirements set by the European 89/686/CEE norm which regards the individual means of protection and it is manufactured according to the EN 166 2001 norm. The “T” symbol is which is placed on the lens means that the glasses can be used in the conditions when parts are propelled with high speed in the highest temperatures. The Bolle Safety has become a synonym of quality and it is recognized across the globe for its sports and safety goggles. The glasses withstand a steel ball’s impact which travels with the velocity of about 120m/s (393,5 FPS)

The STANAG 2920 and the EN172 certificate make that the ballistic glasses provide maximum safety in every case.

Anti-fog – the anti-fog layer allows to operate in optimal conditions by removing the effects of condensation which is present whenever the temperature differences are high or during the wear of non-vented frames.

Anti-scratch – improves the lenses’ durability and reduced the number of scratches. It extends the lifespan and improves the comfort or the user preventing it from scratching which can negatively influence the vision.

The anti-skid TIPGRIP – the anti-skid TIPGRIP technology ensures better fitting thanks to its construction of double fabric and an innovative shape by increasing the comfort.

The set includes:

– the glasses,
– a velcro closed hard case,
– a soft case,

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