Cybergun / KWC Colt M1911 MKIV CO2


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Cybergun / KWC Colt M1911 MKIV CO2

The Cybergun Colt M1911 MKIV Series 70 Government Co2 GBB pistol is the latest offering from Cybergun that offers both the looks and practicality. This MK IV Series is a full metal co2 powered pistol that is modelled after the real gun, polished sides on the slide and matte grey/ silver on the frame, then companies with faux wood grips with the signature golden colour Colt medallion. The most impressive about this pistol is beautiful finishing on this die-cast metal material.

This 1911 is definitely CQB safe for most regions, and the co2 powered system from KWC enhances the kick of it, while providing steady performance even in cold areas. Licensed marking from Cybergun ensures the gun to have the most authentic marking on the slide. Using the KWC based system also means that it could use the KWC M1911 co2 magazines and the RWL / RWA co2 m1911 magazines. Hop up adjustment dial is found under the barrel (only visible when the slide has been removed from the gun).

The lower frame has a distinctive matte grey colour and provides a familiar grip to the 1911 community that fits like a glove when held in one’s hand. The controls are the same as all the 1911s out there, firing only in single action (fires only when a hammer is up). The faux wood grips look so close to the real one that could fool most people and having diamond checkering on it helps to reduce slip.


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