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E&L Platinum version (Gen. 2)

E&L Airsoft is a new quality on the airsoft market. The manufacturer has set himself the task of creating replicas with the highest possible quality of materials and perfect fitting, resembling the real steels as close as possible and went in this direction as far as he could – be starting production at the same factory, which produced a firearm!

Therefore E&L’s products are made with a use of steel, hand finished wood components and high-quality composite and definitely can compete with the best brands on the market – also in price. The quality and performance allow it to be both a beautiful wall decoration as well as very effective skirmish gun. Also, some parts of the exterior are the same as in the original weapon and come off the same production line!

Externally, the maximum possible number of elements was made as a 1:1 copy of the original, fully according to military specifications. This means you can exchange elements between the replica and the real steel! This applies to items such as the front bed, gas pipe, iron sights and cleaning rod. Hardly any other manufacturer offers that.

Wooden elements have been hand-crafted, ensuring their high quality and uniqueness at the same time. In this model, the buttstock and foregrip were made of wood. Another element making the gun unique is an individual serial number placed on the receiver. Steel components have been oxidized, which makes them look even more realistic. Also, the attrition process which takes place over time makes oxidized surfaces look much better than it happens by painted or varnished guns.

Also in terms of weight, all was made to ensure realism. The replica is heavy, and a full steel outer barrel ensures proper balance. A notable feature is certainly the possibility of a partial field-stripping of the replica like it takes place with the real steel – with no tools required. Everything is based on pins and levers. The manufacturer paid attention to even of the smallest of details to make their product as close a resemblance to the real steel as possible.

Taken straight from the box, the replica is secured in a thick, technical oil that safeguards the product from humidity and possible contamination during transport. A mixture of oil, steel and lacquered wood emits a unique smell, well-known to people in constant contact with firearms.

The replica’s battery is located under the lid of the receiver. The cover is mounted on a latch, which allows its rapid removal and replacement of the power source at any time.

The insides of the product are also remarkable. E&L engineers have taken the best solutions on the market and added their own. The pneumatic system consists of a set of the silent piston head and a cylinder, which increases the system’s longevity through better amortization. The spring slide has bearings and the piston gear has a bigger inhibitor. It gives the BB more time to be inserted in the chamber, which is of great importance in the case of the high rate of fire configurations.

Both of the mentioned solutions result in smoother operation, greater ROF and smaller energy consumption. High accuracy and focus are guaranteed by an equipped internal, precision barrel with a diameter of 6,04 mm.

What parts can we find inside the E&L Gen.2?

– the new type reinforced gearbox frame, based on 9mm ball bearings
– QSR ball bearing spring guide (Quick Spring Release)
– full steel gear set, made on CNC
– one-piece steel cylinder, made of CNC
– Air Seal Nozzle with O-ring
– set of 9mm ball bearings
– reinforced POM piston with 3 steel teeth
– silenced piston head
– High Torque M170 motor with neodymium magnets
– Low Resistance Silver Cords & Switches

Gen.2 replicas have in stock a really nice feature – Magwell Spacer insert, which really makes magazine change easier and faster!

The replicas are delivered in brand new, practical and elegant boxes. Boxes feature a thick foam padding on the inside, which surely and safely secures the replica and all accessories. Each set includes an oiler, however, fixed stock models include the exact same cleaning kit as the one meant for a live firearm.

The replica comes with a steel, mid-cap magazine with a capacity of up to 150 BBs.

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– oil bottle
– cleaning kit
– magwell spacer


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