Evolution Airsoft Ghost S ETU


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Evolution Airsoft Ghost S EMR ETU

Key features:

– Length: 65-73 mm

– Weight: 2.3 kg

– Air nozzle: High grade

– Body: Technopolymer Carbontech

– Battery plug: Mini Tamiya

– Body Pins with retention system: Yes

– Bushings and Bearings: Metal

– Cylinder: CNC Milled Aluminum

– Cylinder head: Reinforced

– Gear set: Steel

– Gearbox: Reinforced

– Hop Up Chamber: Rotary

– Inner Barrel: Precision 6.01

– Magazine: 130 rds mid cap

– Mosfet & Electronics: ETU

– Motor: Hi torque

– Motor Grip: Tool less access

– Piston: Reinforced with steel rack gear

– Piston head: Reinforced

– Rail System: Anodized CNC machined aluminum

– Selector Plate: Upgraded

– Spring: High grade

– Spring guide: Quick removable without removing the gearbox from the body

– Tappet Plate: Reinforced

– Wiring: High flow

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