G&G CM16 Raider-L carbine Tan


CM16 Raider-L carbine replica

CM16 Raider-L carbine replica made by G&G was made within the Combat Machine Project which goal is to deliver high-class replicas at the price which can be considered economical. The Combat Machine replica characterize themselves by the highest, characteristic for the G&G company, quality of make and the operation culture as also the high class of the used materials. The main factor allowing to lower the price is the use of a high-class plastic body instead of a metal body. It is also an important fact that the body itself was made of plastic reinforced by fibreglass Рjust like the front grip, the stock or almost all plastic elements. On the other hand, the outer barrel, the stock’s pipe, the tactical sling attachment points, the magazine casing and most of the minor elements were made of metal.

The top RIS rail allows attaching any optical aiming sight in the place of the carrying handle. The multi-position stock allows adjusting the replica to the individual preferences of the user.

The front grip was replaced with a RIS rail set, 22mm wide each, allowing to attach a great variety of additional devices or accessories such as a tactical flashlight, a laser target marker or a tactical grip and so on.

The replica is equipped with a reinforced V.2 Gearbox with 8mm ball bearings.

Attention: The set does not include a battery or charger.

The set includes:

– the replica
– the magazine
– 1000 pieces set of G&G 0.20g BB pellets
– cleaning rod
– manual


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