The CM18 MOD1 carbine replica by G&G was designed as a part of the Combat Machine project, which the main objective was to provide high-class replicas at a price, which could be considered economical. Combat Machine replicas feature the highest, typical for G&G, quality of workmanship and work culture as well as high quality of used materials. The main factor allowing to lower the price is using a receiver made of high-quality plastic, instead of metal. Another significant fact is that the receiver was made of polymer reinforced with fiberglass – just as the front grip, stock and almost all other plastic elements – while the outer barrel, stock pipe, swivels, and most minor elements were made of metal.

The replica has a SF type stock ending with a rubber butt pad that holds the battery. The stock can be regulated, allowing the shooter to adjust the length of the carbine to his own body type and preferences. The package contains a set of flip-up iron sights. The folding sights guarantee no interference should a scope be mounted onto the gun.

CM18 MOD1 is equipped with a top RIS rail on the whole length of the receiver and a set of three long mounting rails in place of the front grip. This complete conversion enables to mount a whole range of additional accessories, starting with optical targeting devices and tactical flashlights all the way to laser target markers. The replica was made mainly in black, except for the pistol grip, stock, aiming devices, magazine and front rail covers which were made in tan.

The replica is sold together with a polymer mid-cap type magazine holding 120 BBs.

The replica has a v2 gearbox with an 8mm ball bearing.  Thanks to that and the use of a 275 mm long inner barrel, the replica will suit perfectly for operating on the short and middle distance. Inside there is a hermetic pneumatic system, equipped with the high-class chamber and HU rubber.

The package does not include a battery nor a charger

The package includes:

– the replica

– a magazine

– a set of 1000 G&G 0.20 BBs

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