The Komodo version of the ICS-MARS carbine replica made of the highest quality materials The replica was made almost entirely of metal in CNC technology – the interesting-looking replica body and the front with the Keymod system were made of metal. A durable sniper butt, ergonomic pistol grip, 300-ball hi-cap magazine, and folding sights are made of durable plastic.

A well-known and characteristic feature manifested by all M4 replicas produced by ICS is the unique design of the bipartite gearbox, enabling quick replacement of the upper module and adjusting the replica’s power requirements in the field from the situation. To maintain the correct position of the gears when assembling the body, the manufacturer used a gear release mechanism to zero position after selecting the safe position on the fire selector. It also allows to significantly extend the life of the replica.

The butt not only folds into the right side but also has a six-step adjustment and a raised cheek support. Inside it, you will find a place for a battery and a fuse. Also noteworthy is the use of an electric blow-back system in the replica that causes the movement of the lock during firing. The carabiner was created for both right and left-hand shooters – the fire selector and magazine release are double-sided, and the lock lever can be mounted on the left and right.

The internal components are fully compatible with parts of other reputable companies – the exception is, of course, the gearbox frame, nozzle, and pusher. The reinforced internal parts are the standard here, which makes the replica a perfect base for further development and tuning. The replica also uses the MOSFET system that improves the rate of fire and trigger response.

The set does not include a battery or a charger. 

The kit includes:

– replica
– magazine
– cleaning rod
– replica documentation and instruction manual

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