Lipo charger V3+



Lipo balance charger V3+


Input voltage: AC 110v-240v

Balance charge current: 800mA

Cell accout range: 2s / 3s

Battery Type: LIPO / LIFE

Display: Green & Red LED

Blink red: error



1. Only use charger with LiPo battery types. Do not try to charge any other type of battery. This charger is not compatible with LiFe, Lilo or NiMh / NiCd batteries.
2. Observe the precautions and warnings included with your battery.
3. Never leave the charger unsupervised during use. If any fault is observed, close the process immediately.
4. Keep the charger away from moisture, dust, dirt, heat, direct sunlight and vibration. Do not throw it away.
5.Compare all connections twice before starting the loading process. Do not connect with reverse polarity.
6. The charger and the battery to be charged must be placed on a heat-resistant, non-flammable and non-conductive surface. Never place them on a car seat, rug or similar. Keep flammable and volatile materials away from the area of ​​operation.
7.When charging LiPo batteries, we suggest using a LiPo charge security bag, available from most hobby retailers.
8. Never charge a LiPo battery that is swollen in any way.
9.To prevent short circuits between the input connectors of the output power adapter cable, always connect the adapter cable first to the charger and then to the battery to be charged. Reverse the sequence when disconnecting

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