M2 Red / Green Dot Impact Arms – Dark earth


M2 Red / Green Dot Impact Arms – Dark earth

The M2 Red Dot Impact Arms range is powered by two AG13 batteries. (included)

Model-based on Aimpoint, it allows the use of a green or red reticle for day and night activities.

The aiming can be adjusted in drift and height and the reticle can also be set to 2 intensity levels on each colour.

It is fixed on a standard 22mm RIS rail (Picatinny), the complete manufacturing of this red dot is of full metal.

Its mount is oblique and a little higher than the L version which is lower.

The oblique mount allows the use of a magnifier.

This red dot to the IPX3 water protection index standard.

This red dot is shock resistant allowing it to be mounted on calibre .223 and 5.56 Maximum.

Impact Arms ™ works with optical manufacturers to find the best product at its best price.

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