POLARSTAR HPA conversion kit Jack system M4


POLARSTAR HPA conversion kit Jack system M4

Codename “Simply: Jack”

The JACK ™ has been designed to meet the demand for affordable, high performance HPA (High Pressure Air) conversion for AEGs.

The system allows you to replace your AEG cylinder which is universally compatible with a wide range of gearboxes equipped with central nozzle.

Similar to its sister products, the JACK ™ replaces the original gearbox components with a programmable pneumatic system allowing higher performance and greater reliability compared to a gear driven system.

Although economical, the JACK ™ still retains the same performance and quality you expect from PolarStar products.

The JACK ™ has only one moving part, the Nozzle, which acts as its own Poppet Valve.

Similar to the Fusion Engine ™ and F2 ™, the Nozzle is only driven by the solenoid to open the airflow through the Poppet Valve without air coming from the solenoid itself during a shot.

This design allows the JACK ™ to send a higher airflow through the barrel than systems that only use a solenoid as a valve when firing.

Speed: 500fps with a 0.20g @ 130p ball if

The JACK ™ allows easy speed adjustment by changing the inlet pressure and does not require a different Nozzle to achieve its full speed range.

Using a standard M4 Nozzle as an example, the speed can be adjusted from less than 280fps and up to around 500fps with a 0.20g ball.

Speed ​​may vary by model, as a longer internal barrel will increase maximum speed, while a shorter internal barrel will decrease it.

Rate of fire: 30 shots per second.

The maximum cyclic speed of the JACK ™ is affected by several factors such as the operating pressure as well as the quality of the loader and logs used.

However, 30 balls per second is achievable in most standard configurations.

Air efficiency: over 1000 shots from 3000psi at 1.5 J with 0.28g.

Although not a critical requirement during development, JACK ™ has very respectable numbers in this category.

This is made possible by its cleverly arranged design which minimizes dead volume resulting in better airflow, faster response and less air used per shot.

(Test setup: 6.05x375mm internal barrel)

Included in the box:

Jack HPA air system

White Nozzle 

FCU electronic board (compatible with Fusion Engine, F1 and F2)

Electric cable 


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