POLARSTAR Regulator MRS HPA + 42″ braided line


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POLARSTAR Regulator MRS HPA + 42″ braided line

This compact regulator measures only 3 inches in height and is screwed directly onto the PRESET REGULATOR of your HPA bottle.

This regulator is specially studied with an ON / OFF depressurization valve allowing to unscrew the regulator from your bottle effortlessly but preserves possible wear on the thread and O-ring.

The outlet pressure is adjustable from 40 psi to 145 psi (standard configuration).

A high-pressure spring (optional) starts the maximum pressure around 200 psi.

The piston bore is increased by 4 mm for an extremely high flow rate and refreshes rate, even at only 40 psi allowing the use of all high pressure and SLP cylinders.

The sliding locking ring around the regulator can be blocked by a plastic clamping collar allowing certain pressures to be observed in the field.

Compatible with standard HPA and SLP bottles.

Sell with 42″ line and Male Nipple quick 6mm.


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