Pro Tech Guns – Green Gas – 800ml


ProTechGas Green Gas manufactured by Pro Tech Guns company known for the highest quality, innovative products for technical applications in gunsmith and airsoft.

Averaged pressure allows it to be used with all replicas without risk of damage. Contains silicone oil, which protects and lubricates parts of replica.

The use of a special mixture of gases provides strong, stable shots even in low temperatures (up to 0’C).

Product features were consulted with a wide range of airsoft players and professionals.


  • Increased muzzle velocity of the BB’s (up to 20 fps)
  • Resistance to low temperatures

The bottle has a polymer nozzle, so there is no risk of damaging valve when filling the magazine.

Net container capacity: 600ml

Gross container capacity: 800ml

Weight: 398g

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