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Five Seven pistol enclosing outstanding operability and powerful penetrating power in a modern polymer frame. A prestigious manufacturer of firearms · FN Elastic finally upgraded the model “Five Seven USG” for America produced as a sidearm of P90, Tokyo Marui as a gas blowback series “FN5 – 7” finally. We perform measurements and molds from real, fidelity to details, such as unique detail with no waste, size, checker ring, and grain condition.
Although it is a practical model that combines excellent hit accuracy and flight distance, FN5-7, which has the reproducibility enough to be regarded as genuine and can experience the unique recoil of gas blowback, from various perspectives even among numerous airsoft guns It is one of the models that can be enjoyed diversely.

“Major features”

-Adoption of a new large diameter cylinder: By adding the increased capacity of the cylinder to the amount of gas release for slide operation, we can have a heavy powerful recoil shock.

-Realistically reproduce the structure: Field stripping (disassembly) with a takedown lever, an ambi type safety which can be operated from either side of the trigger, slide inner reinforcing the slide, etc. are reproduced.

-Exterior composition similar to genuine: It is an aluminum outer barrel with alumite finish, the front / rear sight made by die casting, resin body and parts made of stainless steel license plate, and finished with reality in texture as well .

-Equipped with under rail: For under rail integrated with the frame, flash light etc. corresponding to Picatinny standard (20 mm width) can be installed.

-Die Cast Magazine: A magazine with 26 bullets is attached, which has a large gas capacity and strong resistance to chilling.

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