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Despite the existence confirmed, many of the Delta Force special troops are still wrapped in mad.
Tokyo Marui used its own information network to reproduce the custom model of HK 416 they are using as the next generation electric gun “HK 416 Delta Custom”.
By thoroughly analyzing only a few pieces of data obtained, including characteristic and slim Guysley type rail handguards and color tones of five tan colors with different colors, we are improving reproducibility in detail.

“Major features”

-Shoot & recoil engine installation: By pulling the trigger, weights simulating bolts are activated simultaneously with a launch, and intense recoil generated inside the main body is transmitted to the whole body. Also adopted is an auto stop system which stops firing operation when the magazine becomes empty. It is a model pursuing reality of operation and operability.

-Super modular rail (SMR) HK type: Hand guard adopts rail removable SMR HK type. By minimizing the installation of the rails, the hand guard part is slimmer and lighter. The additional rail comes with three longs, one long and two short. Moreover, by reproducing the genuine article, the reproducibility of the detail is raised.

-Tan color of 5 colors: Like the real one, reproduces the difference in color tone applied to each part. Metallic hand guard reproduces color by alumite treatment with excellent scratch resistance.

-Reproduction of various gimmicks: Reflects gimmicks unique to HK 416D such as ambi selector which can be operated with either left or right hand, trigger guard opening and closing function, and so on in delta custom. Also, the crane type stock can be adjusted in length to 6 stages.

-Exceptional rigidity realized: Metallic materials are adopted for various parts such as a receiver, outer barrel, buffer tube, flash hider and others. While adopting a full floating barrel that hand guard does not interfere with barrels, we have realized a safe rigidity for game use.

-Possible backup site: A front site that can be adjusted vertically, a rear site that can be adjusted up, down, left, and right are foldable considering the use of optical sites. Also, since it is mounted via the mounting rail, it is also possible to change the attachment position and detach it.

-Corresponding to various muzzle options: If you remove the flash hider of the muzzle, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.

-Steel press magazine: 82 magazines and a magazine that adopts a steel press outer case similar to a bonnet are included. ※ There is no magazine compatibility with the electric gun standard type.

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