The US Navy special forces SEAL team 6 “DEVGRU” custom · Assault Carbine used in Tokyo Marui was recreated as the next generation electric gun “DEVGRU Custom”.
Utilizing the expandability of HK 416 D, set up various SOCOM parts such as silencer and backup site. It is finished in a style of the professional specification that enhances practicality and operability.

“Major features”

-Shoot & recoil engine installation: By pulling the trigger, weights simulating bolts are activated simultaneously with a launch, and intense recoil generated inside the main body is transmitted to the whole body. Also adopted is an auto stop system which stops firing operation when the magazine becomes empty. It is a model pursuing reality of operation and operability.

-Muzzle option Standard equipment: AAC type · Silencer is mounted on AAC type · flash hider with bolt on. Also, if you remove the flash hider, you can install the muzzle option for 14 mm reverse screw. ※ AAC type · silencer cannot be installed except for AAC type · flash hider.

-Possible backup site: A front site that can be adjusted vertically, a rear site that can be adjusted up, down, left, and right are foldable considering the use of optical sites. Also, since it is mounted via the mounting rail, it is also possible to change the attachment position and detach it.

-Custom parts that improve operability: TD type · rifle grip, designed to minimize fatigue even in long-term operations, is adopted. The length of the stock and the position of the battle/foregrip can be adjusted according to the physique of the shooter. In addition, the battle/foregrip has side panels detachable, and you can paste switch tapes such as flashlights.

-Excellent rigidity realized: Metallic materials are adopted for various parts such as a receiver, an outer barrel, a buffer tube, and a rear ring plate. Rail handguard adopts a full floating barrel that does not interfere with the barrel, while achieving a safe rigidity for game use.

-Reproduction of various gimmicks: The gimmick unique to HK 416D, such as the ambi selector which can be operated with either left or right hand, opening and closing function of the trigger guard, is also reflected in DEVGRU custom.

-Steel press magazine: HK type magazine is adopted which adopted the number of bullets of 82, the outer case made of steel press similar to the real mono. ※ There is no magazine compatibility with the electric gun standard type.

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