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Smith&Wesson M&P9 Custom Pistol Replica

Tokio Marui needs no introductions. It is a class of its own when it comes to product quality. Despite the fact that the replica was made from polymer and only manipulators and mechanisms are metal – one does not have to doubt its durability – it is very high thanks to the precise design. The replica was made under the license granted to TM by Smith & Wesson, Springfield. MA USA.

Thanks to comfortable, anti-slip grip, M&P9 Custom pistol replica ideally fits in the userĄŻs hand. The set includes additional two overlays that alter the shape of the grip, thanks to which the user can even better customize the replica to his needs. As in the live firearm original, the replica has two settings of iron sights – fibre optics are visible and improve aiming in well-lit conditions, whereas ones located beneath them – luminescent – allow using the replica in low-light conditions.

The replica features a fully functional recoil simulation mechanism – so-called Blow-Back. It is very effective and provides the user with the significant amount of realism.

Polymer slide features notches that make reloading easier. Double-sided, winged safety makes using the replica easier for left-handed users.

Under the barrel, on the skeleton is a RIS mounting rail that enables the attachment of a tactical flashlight or a laser sight.

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