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Due to the elaborate parts unique to Swiss Maid and outstanding accuracy of hits, it is receiving great support from many professionals P226.
In Tokyo Marui, following “P226 rail” equipped with rails and its improved model “P226E2”, “P226E2 stainless steel model” adopted stainless steel silver color for slide and frame appeared in the lineup.
The contrast between the body expressing the moderate shine and texture unique to stainless steel and the outer barrel of black and the grip panel has become an eye-catching model.

“Major features”

-Stainless steel silver · color finish: slide and frame adopt stainless steel silver · color. It reproduces the color and texture of stainless steel with reduced gloss.

-“E2” stamped slide: “E2” stamp which is characteristic of P226 E2 model is included in the slide. The color of the stamp adopts gray which does not claim too much.

-Ergonomics and polymer grip: Reproduce the grip redesigned based on ergonomics. Even if the hand is small, it is easy to grasp, the surface embossment (irregularities) exerts the anti-slip effect against sweat and mud.

-Short type trigger: When continuing to fire, the distance (trigger stroke) to return the triggered trigger is only about 40% of the usual, so it is easy to fire very rapidly.

-SA & DA Hammer mechanism: It corresponds to both single action which shoots after hammer cocks, a double action which can fire only by pulling a trigger.

-Decoking system: By lowering the decking lever it is possible to return the hammer from full cock (state where it can fire) to half cock (state where it can not fire).

-Powerful blowback: The slide recedes vigorously as soon as it fires, and it is a model that realistically reproduces the apparent force and the intense recoil at launch.

-Die Cast Magazine: Magazine made of die-casting that is cold-resistant and attached with 25 shots and hard chrome plating is attached.

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