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SCAR-L CQC is a version equipped with a 10-inch short barrel so that it can cope with CQC (= close battle). In designing and developing the next-generation electric gun SCAR-L, we measure the real thing in the mainland USA and thoroughly analyze the details. In addition to reproducing the details, we also pursued the reality that I could mistake as realistic, sticking to the reproduction of the original texture, such as a receiver scraped from aluminum and a barrel treated with alumite.

“Major features”

-Shoot & recoil engine installation: By pulling the trigger, the bolt is activated at the same time as launching, and the intense recoil generated inside the main body is transmitted to the whole body. Also adopted is an auto stop system which stops firing operation when the magazine becomes empty. It is a model pursuing reality of operation and operability.

-Exceptional rigidity realized: Metallic materials are adopted for various parts such as receivers and outer barrels. In addition to directing the same weight and texture as the realistic, it also realizes rigidity that is safe for game use.

-Folding stock: It reproduces a characteristic folding stock in style and function. The length of the stock and the height of the cheek piece can be adjusted respectively.

-Adjustable Front / Rear Sight: With the included adjustment tool, you can fine-tune up, down, left and right of the front site and rear site with dial operation respectively.

-Corresponding to various muzzle options: If you remove the flash hider of the muzzle, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.

-Steel press magazine: 82 magazines and a magazine that adopts a steel press outer case similar to a bonnet are included. ※ There is no magazine compatibility with the electric gun standard type.

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