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Among the fans, the lineup of the initial type of Sokomu mark 23 called legendary name gun, as a full set of gas guns with a silencer and LAM (= light attachment module). It is a special set that houses all of these in hard containers and gun cases and imagines the appearance of being delivered to the elite.
Combination of Sorcom Mark 23 main body and silencer which slid operation is off demonstrated outstanding quietness among all products. While improving the practicality of game youth, it is an ideal model for the collection, reproducing the visual power of appearance by attaching a light attachment module.

“Major features”

-Full set of gun case storage: Sokomuku 23 and dedicated silencer, LAM stored in the hard container · gun case. The pleasure to open the package and assemble it into full equipment is exceptional.

-Excellent quietness: By installing a silencer in a fixed slide gas gun that suppresses operation noise, even the launch sound is reduced. It is a model with excellent secrecy.

-Removable LAM: You can attach the attached LAM to the proprietary under rail integrated with the frame. Moreover, it adopts high brightness white LED for the flashlight of LAM, dummy lighting by red LED is possible in the laser irradiation part, it will make the atmosphere excitement.

-Die-cast real size magazine: 28 magazines and a cold-resistant die-cast magazine are included.

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