Tokyo Marui VSR 10 G-SPEC OD


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Tokyo Marui VSR 10 G-SPEC OD

Tokyo Marui – VSR-10 G-Spec Compact Sniper Rifle – Black, the smaller brother to the PRO version but comes with sling loops and a suppressor. The Tokyo Marui G-Spec suppressors work excellently. The G-Spec, however, does come out at a lower fps compared to its alternative but you also get the scope rail straight out of the box. This is the better of the two in terms of stealth. Excellent quality, great construction and reliability. The rifle features one of the best Airsoft hop up units ever made. Hop up is externally adjustable, what makes G-SPEC even easier to use. It is adjustable with a sliding arm on the outside which allows for easy adjustments on the fly. The whole build quality is excellent with a very easy bolt pull and solid feeling hold. There are endless amounts of upgrade options available for this rifle. The stock is also hollow but once filled with old torn up clothes, Plasticine or expandable foam this will make the rifle even quieter.


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