WE Colt 1943


C1943 replica gun, derived from the structure designed in 1900 by John Browning – a C1911A1 modified during World War II for the U.S. officers and countries benefiting from the aid. lend-lease act. Castle, handles and interior are made of szarawego metal anodised perfect imitation of the original color and the lining, handles – with ABSu. The pistol has an greengasem.

A reasonable speed wylotowa makes a replica of the ideal straight side arms, used in buildings or on a short distance. At the same time, consumption of gas is small compared with the replicates guns more powerful, making this replica of the economic to use.

The replica has, for this line artist, two fuses – skrzydełkowy inverted and chwytowy, to prevent accidental burn, for example, by hooking trigger holster. Is also provided to mount leash hook. In relation to the original version 1911A1 we are dealing with a short barrel., Which makes the replica more handy to use. Incorporated hop-up significantly improves performance, and the blow back system gives strzelcowi as observers as well as a sense of realism.

 The kit includes: 

  • Model C1943
  • Magazine

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