X-Shield FAST MH helmet replica – foliage green



The newest X-Shield helmet line is designed to meet the needs of airsofters seeking good quality equipment which is also easy on the wallet. The quality to price ratio makesX-Shield helmets is a factor distinguishing them on the market.

The helmet”s shell is made from durable polymer, thanks to which it is a light and durable structure at the same time. The undoubted advantage of the helmet is broad options of adjustment and regulating it to fit the head of the user. It is provided by modular set of comfort pads made from tough polymer and soft foam, which can be freely arranged inside the helmet wit the help of a hooks&loops straps. The 4-point retention system with soft chin can also be freely adjusted and is secured with fastex buckle. The additional feature of the retention system is it is made in closed system with no loose straps. The adjustment is done by comfortable knob located in the back of the helmet.

Similarly to other helmets based on the FAST designX-Shield was equipped with set of side mounting rails, allowing installation of various additional accessories, including goggles, tactical lights, headsets etc. The front of the helmet features VAS mount and retention strings for NVG sets use. A rich set of modular mounts and clips is included.

The awesome-meter will be surely increased by soft hooks&loops panels on the sides of the helmet, allowing it to be adorned with morale patches, designations,e-lite type markers etc.

The set includes:

  • set of comfort pads

  • Wing-Loc type adapter

  • 22mm RIS mounting rail

  • 2x NVG 19mm mounting clips

  • 2x rotary 19mm goggle clips

  • 2x rotary 35mm goggle clips

  • 2x adapter for rotary clips

  • NVG mounting adapter

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