MAPLE LEAF AEG HOP UP Tensioner OHM Solid Edition



MAPLE LEAF AEG HOP-UP Tensioner OHM Solid Edition

The Maple Leaf AEG Hop Tensioner OHM is an upgraded and more efficient tensioner by allowing the BB to contact a larger surface area when passing through the bucking, allowing for a smoother flight trajectory for the BB thus increasing the range and accuracy of your rifle when paired with a good bucking. The concave design creates an equal distribution of pressure along the whole depressed surface. Ensure your AEG is in top shape and excelling in performance with the help of this upgraded hop-up tensioner.

Manufacturer: Maple Leaf
Model: AEG Hop Tensioner OHM / Solid Edition
Color: Black
Package Includes: Tensioner


-Durable Rubber Material

-Suitable for Most AEG Hop-Ups

-Concave Design

-Decrease Deformation of Pressure Point

-Simple Drop-In Fitment

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