AIRSOFT PRO Hop Up Gen 2 CNC chamber for M249


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AIRSOFT PRO Hop Up Gen 2 CNC chamber for M249


The second generation of AirsoftPro Hop-Up Chamber for M249 machine guns.

It is completely made from a single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy with a red anodized finish.

This material excels in high strength, but it is lightweight.

The weight of the whole chamber is only 29g.

This is not a reputable product from another manufacturer.

The chamber was made on top-quality CNC machines.

A quality chamber is an important prerequisite for the stability and high performance of the weapon.

Only metal chambers offer the highest production precision without inaccuracies or burrs.


The advantage of this chamber is the hop-up adjustment ring with numbers.

These show the level of hop-up adjustment – from 1 = minimum to 10 = maximum.

The selected level is indicated at the top of the room next to the inscription M249 HOP-UP.

The levels are fixed in their position by a flexible ball, which provides a click with each turn.

If you don’t like being limited to just ten positions, you can replace the spring-loaded ball with a rubber ring from the package.

This makes the adjusting ring more rigid and prevents it from turning inadvertently.

A significant improvement from the previous generation is the use of a U-shaped adapter.

Now it is possible to use conventional or shaped hop-up support (Tensioning).

The adapter pushes the Tension Hop-Up horizontally, not with a perpendicular roller as in the stock chamber, or in competitive products.

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