AK Rail mount Gen 2


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AK Rail mount Gen 2

This mount features a full metal construction that will not only lock in solidly to your AK side rail but also ensure that your optic stays mounted solidly on top and minimizes wobble or other movements. This mount uses the standard mounting system for AK side rails and slides right on. Once the mount is on the side rail, just tighten the three screws located on the bottom of the mount to keep it secured. While this amount does feature a full metal design for increased stability, it also is intentionally kept to the light of a weight as is physically possible by cutting out plenty of additional material. Unlike other AK side-mounted rails, this rail features sections on not only the top but also on the side, which will facilitate the mounting of lasers, lights, or other accessories while you can still mount an optical sight on the top rail. This rail features a black finish that will blend in well with the forged or stamped receivers of most AKs.

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