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Custom AK74 tending to AK12, the current Kalashnikov assault rifle in the Russian army.

Electric replica, with a power of 0.9 joules with an excellent quality of finish, equipped with an internal barrel of 6.01 x 380mm, a reinforced V3 gearbox, and a “micro switch” trigger contactor

Stamped steel body typical of AKs, and CNC aluminum handguard fitted with an M-LOCK fixing system and 21mm MILSTD 1913 Picatinny / Weaver rail

Foldable and removable flip-up sights.

Telescopic stock adjustable in 6 positions.

Supplied with a Real-Cap (30 Bbs) or Mid-Cap (130 bbs) clampable magazine.

Pre-equipped for a classic mounting of optics for the AK platform on the left side of the frame.

  • Weight: 3380 g
  • Folded stock length: 895 mm
  • Energy: 0.9 joules
  • Adjustable hop-up in a metal chamber
  • Internal barrel: 6.01 x 380mm
  • Gearbox: V3 reinforced with 18: 1 gear
  • Piston with steel teeth and piston head mounted on bearings.
  • Motor axis: Short
  • Battery Connector: T-Deans
  • Housing for spare battery in the handle
  • Battery not included

Serial number unique to the replica


History of AK-74:


Commissioned in the Soviet Union in 1974, the Avtomat Kalashnikova (Ak) 74 replaces the AKM directly derived from the AK47 in the original caliber of 7.62 x 39 mm. In order to imitate the NATO countries, which adopt smaller caliber ammunition in this case the 5.56×45 mm, the USSR decides with much delay, to chamber their new AK74 assault rifle, in caliber. reduced: the 5.45 x 39 mm M74.

The similarities with AKM are many. However, improvements are made, such as the stock which is collapsible, the adoption of bakelite for magazines, the increase in the length of the weapon, and the modification of the muzzle brake.

It will be gradually replaced from 2012 for the current AK-12.


History of the MOS brand:

The MOS Manufacture brand installed in HONG KONG is first of all known for its manufacture of accessories for airsoft, with an excellent quality/price ratio, recognized by all.

Eager to develop its own replica, it offers a very qualitative range, acclaimed by airsofters: Arcturus

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