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The new MOS – Arcturus AR06 Carbine -10.5″.

For years, MOS has been gaining experience, producing items for firearms as well as for the largest companies in the ASG industry.

The replica was made accurately and carefully.

The presented AR rifle has an Ambi bolt catch and an Ambi magazine release. The M-Lok handguard has 5 push button points and a Picatinny rail.
The lower receiver has two push button points and the last one can be found on a light stock.

NOTICE! A replica has a unique serial number!

Most of the outer elements such as the upper and lower receiver, the outer barrel, and the receiver extension are made of aluminum and light alloys. And the whole was secured with an anode.

The fire selector, magazine catch, bolt catch, and ejection port cover are made of steel. And then protected against corrosion.

Gearbox and its interior are other advantages of this replica.
It has a quick spring change system and the spring guide, as well as the piston head, had bearings. The polymer piston is equipped with steel teeth that work with high-quality gears.
Gears are mounted on slide bearings to be able to cope with the highest loads. Only the motor rack is mounted on ball bearings to ensure that it is free to spin at high speeds.

Inside we will find an electric trigger “Micro Switch ” that is connected to the low-resistance wiring, preparing the replica for cooperation with Li-Po batteries.

The use of an electric trigger eliminates the problem of burned-out contacts and improves the response to the trigger.

The gearbox’s finished with a sealed Teflon nozzle. It works with a polymer, Rotary hop-up chamber in which a hardened 6.01mm precision steel barrel is mounted.

All materials and solutions used to create the replica put the company MOS in the lead.

The set includes:

-folding sights

-adjustable stock

-replaceable grips in pistol grip

-hi-cap – 300bb and mid – 120bb/real-cap – 30bb magazines

The recommended battery with the highest safe voltage for this replica is -11.1V.
If you decide to reduce the power, be sure to not use batteries with a too high voltage – 9.6V NiMH is recommended, and in the case of Li-Po / Li-Ion – 7.4V.
Otherwise, the replica may be damaged, which will not be covered by warranty repair!

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