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MC6595 is an outstanding airsoft replica of the AR15, combining authentic shooting, operation, and handling. It’s the perfect choice for players seeking unforgettable experiences on the battlefield while also appreciating an attractive price.

Metal Construction
The replica is entirely made of metal, ensuring not only robustness but also durability for intense use in the airsoft field. This guarantees long-lasting and reliable gameplay. Additionally, the rifle features a modern design of the trigger chamber and stock, enhancing both user comfort and its attractive appearance.

Realistic Controls
The fire selector, charging handle, and bolt release function exactly like those in a real firearm. This provides an authentic feel and grants players full control over the replica. MC6590M is also equipped with ambidextrous controls, making it equally convenient for both right-handed and left-handed players.

Realistic Blow-Back System
The Blow-Back system replicates recoil like that of a real firearm, significantly increasing the realism of shooting. Each shot not only fires a pellet but also provides a recoil sensation, making the gameplay even more exciting.

Multi-Functional Rails
Equipped with Picatinny or MLOCK rails, it allows easy attachment of accessories such as scopes, flashlights, or pistol grips, customizing the rifle to individual preferences and player needs.

Simulation Training
This replica allows you to practice handling a real rifle, which is incredibly useful for individuals training in military or law enforcement fields.

Standard Inner Barrel and Hop-Up Rubber
The MC6591M comes with a standard AEG inner barrel and AEG Hop-Up bucking, ensuring improved accuracy and shot consistency. This results in higher shooting efficiency and a more satisfying shooting experience.

This AR15 replica is not just an excellent choice for gaming; it also offers an unforgettable experience for military enthusiasts and firearm fans.

In the package, you will receive:

  • Airsoft replica of the M4 rifle powered by Green Gas
  • Green Gas magazine with a 50-round capacity
  • folding sights set

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