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With the original ICS BLE Alpha being released not too long ago, ICS is committed to improving their pistol and with its next evolution, the ICS BLE-XAE. XAE stands for Xtreme Ambi Enhanced.

The BLE-XAE features an aluminum slide with a high grade polymer frame with an improved texture over the outgoing model. The slide has been enhanced with lightening cuts which improve cycling when firing. The frame has a mil-spec rail under the dust cover for mounting lights or lasers. The pistol has an ambidextrous magazine release and slide lock. As with the previous model, the backstrap is interchangeable to suit larger hands. The texture on the grip itself is now a bit more rough for better purchase compared to the old texture which was similar to diamond plate. The safety on the trigger has also been reworked and is now a hinged passive style trigger safety instead of the push button on the trigger. This makes the gun more intuitive especially when using this pistol as a proxy training model to common issued duty weapons used by police. The gun comes with a green gas magazine that holds 24 rounds of high quality airsoft BBs. The biggest changes however lie internally. The internals have been reworked to achieve better gas efficiency than the previous BLE.

The pistol can be easily field stripped for cleaning and maintenance, simply remove the magazine, pull back the slide, and rotate the field strip lever down. Once you do this release pressure from the slide until it comes forward to fully expose the upper assembly of the pistol. This will expose the hop up unit for the pistol and allow you to make adjustments.

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