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The Impact Arms HPR160X regulator is made of CNC aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.


– it has a 1.8K Rupture disc for better security.

– This regulator is suitable for HPA Airsoft systems thanks to its adjustable pressure + or – via the two-notch key provided.

– The entry thread compatible with most of the First Regu (PRESET) on the market having a thread (ASA female) (G1 / 2-14)

– The gauge allows visualizing the setting with precision (Precision of the output pressure +- 3 Psi)


Being made of CNC aluminum for most of the regulator this allows it to be very light.

Its body has 2 outputs 1/8 NPT that can accommodate 2 lines or Mamba HPA at the same time.

Included with the regulator is a Delrin ring + a replacement rupture disc.

Its cap is pierced with 4 holes allowing you to place a plastic clamping collar making power modification impossible, this reassures game organizers by showing them that the regulator cannot be modified in power.

Characteristics :

– Compatible with HPA electro-pneumatic systems, GBB pistol replicas, and GBBR airsoft replicas converted to HPA.

– Non-return valve always remains under pressure.

– Resistant and durable thanks to its CNC aluminum manufacturing.

– Power adjustable: The aluminum key provided allows you to adjust the pressure from 0 to 160 PSI

– Power protection “Cap lock”

– Compatible with Kevlar or Aluminum tank fitted with a high pressure PRESET

– Inlet pressure: 450 to 1200 PSI

– Outlet pressure: 0-160 PSI

– Entry screw: ASA female – G1 / 2-14

– Output screw: 1/8 NPT female

This model is delivered without fitting, coupler, or flexible.

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