POLARSTAR Micro Regulator Gen 2


POLARSTAR Micro Regulator Gen 2 

When the MRS ™ was released, it was an instant hit because it was ultra compact while offering the performance of regulators twice its size.

With the introduction of the second generation of this regulator, we have simplified manufacturing and ease of maintenance while retaining its compact size.

With the regulator body barely a few millimeters larger than the original, the Micro Reg ™ GEN2 is barely 5.7cm in size, making it more compact than a traditional UFA.

Thanks to this streamlined and discreet design, it allows HPA bottles to be more easily integrated into more compact pockets or bottle holders allowing a more minimalist carrying.

All this is also possible without sacrificing performance, because this small regulator has a super fast recharge rate comparable to its big brother the MRS ™.

The Micro Reg ™ GEN2 now shares exactly the same internal components as the UGS ™ and CGS ™ and has a total of only two O-rings as a whole, which further improves reliability.

In addition, the GEN2 now has a two-part body similar to the large MRS ™, which makes it much easier to maintain.

Characteristics :

Outlet pressure adjustable from 40 psi to 130 psi (standard configuration).

The high pressure spring (optional) starts the maximum pressure around 200 psi.

the pressure adjustment screw can be secured with a plastic clamp.

Compatible with standard HPA and SLP bottles.

Minimum outlet pressure: 40 PSI
Maximum outlet pressure: 130 PSI (~ 200 PSI with HP spring, n / p 10000692) *
Max inlet pressure: 900 PSI
Outlets: 2x 1/8 NPT


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