Playing an Airsoft 40mm M203 Grenade is fun. During the battle, showering 70 rounds of BB on your enemy is just awesome. On an earlier day of this year, APS bought you our Hell Fire Grenade that could fire up to 198 rds simultaneously subverting the tradition. Today, APS proudly brings you a new stand-alone launcher that could counter your imagination of Airsoft.

Power Up 150% and aftermarket compatible

Compare to other existing Grenade Launchers in the market, APS “THOR” Grenade Launcher gives you a 150% power up of your M203 Grenade. Based on our testing, the power, and the speed of the grenade have significantly improved. THOR Grenade Launcher is compatible with aftermarket 40mm Grenades, which means it is capable of using a wide variety of M203 Shells that can shoot anything from BB’s and paintballs to foam rockets and Nerf footballs, not to mention, It works perfectly with our APS Hell Fire Grenade and that can fully release its latent power.

Stand Alone Grenade Launcher

Our “THOR” Power Up Grenade Launcher not only is a stand-alone launching device but is upgradeable with an attachment kit to mount on 20mm / Picatinny rails (Optional kits selling as an accessory). It is made of high-strength light weighted molded polymer material, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of carrying an M203 launcher without adding a ton of weight.

Quick Detach Belt Loop and Molle System Compatible.

THOR Grenade Launcher is portable and it can be mounted on its quick detach belt loop (Included in the packaging). The Belt loop is also compatible with the Molle system, which means you can even mount this light weighted launcher on your vest.


Package Includes:

1 x Thor Grenade Launcher

1 x Belt Clip

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