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The Glock 19 is a more portable and compact version of the Glock 17, which has been adopted by law enforcement agencies around the world as a highly portable 9mm caliber handgun, and is a model with many fans in Japan.
At Tokyo Marui, a new blowback engine was installed to commercialize this “Glock 19”. By adopting a large cylinder and reviewing the internal structure and short recoil mechanism, we have achieved more powerful blowback and efficient operation while consuming the same amount of gas as the conventional gas blowback / Glock model.

“Major features”

  • Large-diameter cylinder adopted: Equipped with a new blowback engine, the internal structure has been completely refined. By adopting a cylinder with a diameter of 15 mm, stable actual shooting performance and powerful blowback have been achieved.
  • Improved reproducibility: Pursuing the reality of size and detail based on the data measured from the real Glock 19. Furthermore, we are particular about reproducing the texture of details, such as making the extractor (*) and slide cover plate separate parts. * This is a dummy that imitates only the appearance.
  • 3rd Generation Style Railed Frame: A 20mm wide underrail integrated frame with the essential lights for CQB equipment, with finger channels and thumb rests for always the best gripping. ..
  • Lanyard link: A lanyard (= carrying strap) that prevents loss or falling can be connected to the lanyard link at the rear of the grip.
  • Cocking indicator: Equipped with a gimmick that allows you to easily determine whether the main body is ready to fire by the stationary position of the trigger.
  • Die-cast magazine: Comes with a die-cast magazine that is resistant to cold, with 22 bullets and a revised gas vaporization efficiency according to Glock 19.

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