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New SMG from Vosrk, light, compact and ergonomic.


  • Black color
  • Firing Modes: Safe/Semi/Auto
  • Total length: 557 mm
  • Internal barrel 6.03 mm
  • 134mm cannon
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Velocity: 300 – 328 FPS
  • Lightweight polymer frame
  • Integrated top rail Fiber sights
  • Dual slot 7 slot side rails
  • Spring-centered stock tilt mechanism
  • Folding stock
  • Custom compensator for the VORSK VMP suppressor
  • Color matched charger cover
  • Reinforced loading handle
  • 48-round magazines
  • 14 mm CCW screw thread
  • MP9 KWA compatible chargers


Included in the box:


(x1) STD Gas VMP Black Magazine – VGS-30-01
(x1) Color Matched Magazine Cover
(x1) Replacement O-rings
(x1) Manual
(x1) Exploded Parts Drawing (x1
) x1) VORSK PVC Patch



The VORSK VMP-1 is a lightweight, all-polymer, gas-operated Airsoft submachine gun ideal for CQB terrain

VORSK’s mission is to provide Gas-Blow-Back excellence to the Airsoft field. Building on their extensive selection of gas powered handguns, the VMP-1 is their first foray into the world of submachine guns. Announced at IWA 2023 and shipping to stores this summer, the VMP has attracted a lot of attention due to its compact and lightweight design, features and, of course, excellent GBB performance.

Ergonomic, Compact & Lightweight

Constructed from a durable, lightweight polymer, the VMP-1 is the number 1 asset in CQB environments. With the stock buried in your shoulder and your hands positioned toward the front of the rifle, you’ll enjoy a wide but controlled “sweep” angle, perfect for transitioning around obstacles and room clearances. These angle transitions are further enhanced by the 15° tilt mechanism installed inside the stock. This spring-centered tilt allows you to tilt your body around a corner while holding the VMP-1 upright, reducing the risk of side-swept BBs caused by the jump curve not parallel to the ground. The stock is collapsible along the right side of the VMP-1, simply lift the locking mechanism and rotate it into position. The pistol grip features molded dots for a secure hold. The green fiber sights are neatly stored in the flat 20mm accessory rail. Although it is difficult to get your line of sight behind when used with the stock, fiber light sights allow for fast, instinctive parallax aiming for rapid target acquisition. The collapsible stock is integrated into a slot suitable for M4 tubes allowing you to re-equip your VMP-1 with an M4 stock of your choice. The VMP-1 is so light and compact that you can play it in “Akimbo”.

The perfect Back-up

Built for CQB terrain, the VMP-1 can adapt to all types of terrain. Light and compact, it can become a Back up of choice, particularly for sniper/DMR players. Perfectly suited for close combat, these performances allow it to adapt to all types of terrain. Indeed, the VMP-1 is capable of hitting targets over 30 meters away with precision and a stable flight trajectory. Its exceptionally high rate of fire.

48R Full-Auto Gas-Blow-Back Fun

The VMP-1 is an Airsoft submachine gun with different firing modes. The firing controls are all within easy reach with the bolt release, magazine release and fire selector just a finger or thumb away from your standard “on the trigger” position. The safety is controlled by a trigger safety that requires you to intentionally pull the full trigger before allowing the VMP to fire. Gas powered, VORSK recommends its own GBB Fuel, V6 and V8 variants for the VMP-1, with any premium Airsoft Gas suitable. You can expect to get at least two (potentially three) chargers for each gas refill. Additional chargers are available separately, remember to purchase your color matched charger covers to complete the look. To adjust the hop-up, the VMP-1 is supplied with an adjustment wrench.

Designed for accessories

You will rarely see a naked VMP-1 on airsoft fields. With a picatinny rail on top, an underbarrel rail, dual-slot side rails, an M4 stock slot and of course the optional “Can” suppressor, the VMP-1. Recommended aftermarket accessories include Foregrip, Lasers/Torches, Optical Riser + RDS/Holo Sight. Barrel attachments are limited when the supplied Flash Hider is installed as it was designed specifically for the “oversized” suppressor supplied with the “X” variant (also available separately). If you would like to install your own Flash Hiders, Suppressors or Tracer Units, simply remove the Flash Hider via its grub screws and replace it with any 14mm CCW airsoft gun accessory.

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1 review for VORSK SMG VMP-1 BLACK

  1. Antonio Sicario

    Very good submachine gun.. for back up or primary simply the best ! 5 stars

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