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Perun Mosfet AB++

General, short description
AB++ is an on-wire MOSFET, channeling the power from the battery to the motor through a specialized high-power transistor, instead of delicate mechanical switches, increasing reliability and replica performance. It also enhances your replica by adding many new, useful features.
Works with 7.4V, 11.1V, and 14.8V batteries. Comes almost fully pre-wired, with only a few easy soldering joints needed to install the MOSFET.
Electronic burst
Active brake with the adjustable braking power
Precocking (with spring release feature)
Rate of fire reduction
DMR mode
Low battery voltage alarm
Programming supported with a multicolor LED diode
Diagnostic system
Electronic resettable fuse

Feature description
Electronic burst – Change auto to an electronically controlled burst to save your ammo and increase realism!
Active brake – active brake stops the motor after each shot preventing spring compression or in case of replicas with a high rate of fire, overspin (double shot problem).
Precocking – Fast trigger response can be a matter of victory or defeat, especially in CQB situations. With precocking enabled, the piston will remain in rear position after each shot with the spring already compressed, ensuring that the next shot will be fired immediately after you pull the trigger. To release the spring after using precocking, pull the trigger while simultaneously holding the button on the unit. A shot will be fired, with no precocking and fully braked.
Rate of fire reduction – Reduce the rate of fire in automatic or burst fire to save ammo or make the replica shoot in a more realistic fashion.
DMR mode – Introduces intervals between semiautomatic shots to comply with DMR rules on some fields.
Low battery voltage alarm – Dedicated for Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries. Should the battery voltage fall to a dangerously low level, the user will be notified by short sound signals that are repeated every minute. This may also be freely switched on and off.
Diagnostic system – Constantly monitors the replica and the MOSFET itself. In case of any problems, immediately lets you know what it might be, making troubleshooting much easier.
Electronic fuse – Will save your replica and battery in case of a major malfunction. It will automatically disconnect the battery if a short circuit or blocked motor is detected.

Programming of all the settings is done solely by using a trigger and a button on the device, in an easily memorable and quick sequence. Programming is supported by sound signals and a multicolor LED diode. That allows changing the settings at any moment, in a matter of seconds, even under enemy fire.
The Upgrade kit works without problems with any battery from 7V to 17V. It can also be used with the most extreme setups, without any limitations as to the spring rating.

ATTENTION! Do not leave your replica with the battery plugged when is not in use, because of the risk of complete battery discharge (which will permanently damage the battery).
This can also cause damage to the MOSFET itself.

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